Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Christmas Update

In April, we moved out to the country. We now live in Prunedale in the house that Josh spent most of his childhood in. We are about 15 minutes north of Salinas, where Josh’s parents live, and are situated on six beautiful acres surrounded by trees and hills to protect us from the cold Pacific air. Josh has done a fantastic job updating the house with fresh wall texture, paint, and bamboo flooring. We removed the carpet to discover beautiful hardwood floors that a friend of ours refinished to their original glory. In order to fit in, we lease out the pastures the neighbor’s horses and got baby chicks. Our chicks are now almost five months old and we had our first egg the other day. Josh plans to eat these eggs since we know they were humanely produced. They roam the backyard and sneak out to the driveway sometimes and they make the most ridiculous sounds. I love them!

Lincoln is a very silly guy! He has changed so much in the last year. He went from big baby to big boy. He still loves to change his clothes and wear his “Batman” costume. During the day he hangs out with lots of kids at Missy’s house, his new childcare. She is fantastic and is teaching him so much. He knows his letters, numbers, and sounds, among many other things. He learns so quickly! His language exploded this year. Last year, we noted that he was saying just “peesh” and a few other words but now it’s sentences like “[Uncle] Zach annoying me, Mom” and “Stop singing, Dad.” His communication skills are very good. He’s a social guy, too; Josh and I have met many new people because Lincoln pulls us up to them to introduce ourselves. We have so much fun with him and find ourselves falling more and more in love with him each day!

Josh and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this year in July. We are so blessed to have each other and to continue to grow in love. Sometimes it feels like four years is a long-time and sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. And by the way, 2009 flew by with the blink of an eye, geez!

I have been incredibly busy for the last four months. I started going to California State University in Monterey Bay to complete my teaching credential in special education in the spring. I have one last semester with 11 credits to tackle. In addition, I’m working as a full-time special education teacher at a small high school in Marina. I teach in a special day class, which is a class for students whose skills are too low to be in regular classes. I love my job and my students but I don’t like homework! – Alison

I’m substitute teaching at local middle and high schools. I have learned a lot, and have received a lot of good responses from teachers, administrators, and students. I am planning to start my credential in the summer so I can teach high school English. I have also been working on my ordination and I’m trying to publish a manuscript I wrote on the Trinity. – Josh

If you want to keep up with us more throughout the year your best possible chances are by friending us on Facebook or texting us. We get horrible cell reception out here in the sticks!

We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

With lots of love,

Josh, Alison, & Lincoln Gubser

Monday, December 14, 2009

it's been a looooong time

Hi family and friends - I'm so sorry for my delinquency. I update facebook daily so you should join me there! It's easy to upload pics from my phone but not so easy to this site.

Quick update.

I am working at as a Special Ed teacher in Marina CA. I have one more semester of school.

Lincoln is fantastic and big. He's learning so much from his awesome child care lady, Missy!

Josh is substituting and making an impressive impact at all the schools he subs at. They all wish he had a teaching credential; which he will be pursuing next summer.

Thats all for now...more in Xmas letter later! next week.

night night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from us!

Behold the yearly Gubser update. Enjoy!
Winter 2008

Due to the nature of the current economy, my lack of Spanish-speaking skills, and my unwillingness to settle for a $10/hour job, I struggled to re-enter the workforce when we first moved here in May. So, I started substitute teaching at the end of the spring semester and realized how much I love being in the classroom. This fall semester brought me lots of experiences in a variety of elementary through middle school classrooms; thanks mostly to John and Marsha’s schools. After much thought and Josh’s encouragement I have decided to go back to school for a teaching credential in special education. I am very excited to start this spring and hope to finish (if I can manage) by fall of next year.

My extra-curricular activities have included conducting vegan culinary experiments with the abundance of veggies we were receiving from an organic farm, caring for our CRAZY adopted dog, Marley, and singing in our church’s community choir. I’ve recently revived my love for singing but I still do not have the courage to do a solo! Maybe that will be on 2009’s list of goals.

This year marks Lincoln’s second Christmas! He is very excited and pretty much knows what’s going on. I always swore I wouldn’t over do it with gifts for my children but both Josh and I are finding it very difficult to refrain from buying him a gaggle of gifts. To see his face light up at the sight of something new is pure awesomeness! However, even things like socks and shoes will no doubt be among his favorite gifts!

Lincoln is a 1 year 9 months old as of December 19. He is a full-fledged toddler with many silly quirks that endlessly entertain us. For example, the child loves shoes. All shoes! He especially prefers the glittery pink flats I wore to my wedding! He also is a fanatic of hats, scooters, and airplanes. He loves to change clothes many times during the day and play dress-up! Sometimes I think God blessed me with a boy with just enough typical femininity to satisfy my girly desires! Despite his feminine side he is quite an active, adventurous, and daring boy. He loves to climb new (and dangerous) playground equipment without properly notifying Josh or me and drive his Tow Mater truck off the ottoman. He loves to bang things, make guttural car and airplane noises, and throw and kick balls! The usual! Josh and I are eternally in love with him and are giddy at the sight of a new skill or the sound of a new word! “Peesh, peesh” = please.

Leaving construction in the dust, Josh has acquired a new “hobby” this year! A few months ago he bought a 1981 Peugeot 505. It’s not one of the more attractive vintage vehicles (Josh disagrees) but it is a diesel, therefore, making it possible to run it on B20. B20 is diesel fuel that is made from 20% vegetable oil. In 2009, he hopes to convert it to full-veggie power! Go VEGAN!

Currently, he’s working for the City of Monterey as a Recycling Technician. He is in charge of expanding the recycling program to the hotels, bars, and restaurants in Monterey. He’s done an amazing job even though he says, “it feels like sales sometimes.” 2009 may bring yet another career change for Josh. Ultimately, he’d be happiest as a college professor but that’s unfortunately not doable at this time in our lives. There are no universities around that offer PhDs in Theology or Philosophy. So…he may stay with the City in a different job or work for a non-profit in the environmental field. He will start substitute teaching part-time, also. Meanwhile, he continues to study and write theology in his minimal spare time and enjoys facilitating a conversation with our community group even if most of them think he’s crazy because his theological perspectives are atypical.
We love living near Josh’s family here in Salinas. It’s between Monterey and Santa Cruz about 20 minutes inland from Monterey Bay. It’s an amazingly beautiful area and I love that it NEVER snows!

With so much love from us we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday!

Alison, Josh, & Lincoln

Thursday, November 27, 2008

november 2008

asleep at the table!

thoughts of thanksgiving. has been way too long...again. the "ode to woad" entry needed to stay at the top for awhile! anyways, we are doing well. i'm writing today on Thanksgiving. here's what i'm thankful for:

-the Earth's beauty despite its current level of destruction.
-living in Salinas
-meeting tons of new friends (ok...tons is definitely an exxageration but several)
-my BFFs...Woadai, Goobies, Mom, Amanda,...
-my brother
-Josh's family
-my whole family!

the list could go on and on....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ode to woad

i have a section in a college photo album devoted solely to woadi (anna). hahaha! it's easy to fall into old habits!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

who wears the pants in this family?

August/September pictures

husband and baby enjoying Carmel sunset.


independence AND dependence, respectively!

Alyza and I visited an organic winery in Carmel Valley. Due to a power outtage we got a free sandwich for two and extra (really expensive) Malbec for free! Yes! Then to top it off we napped in the sun in Heller's sculpture garden. Talk about peaceful!

"wheeeeeeeeeee!" he loves swings. and i love his crazy hair!!!

early pianist & reader thanks to Grammies help.

brothers & babies

Baby needs some A/C!

Sunset at Carmel!!!! Que beautiful!

Monterey & Cousins

Victoria (aka Toria) & Angelique (aka Ange)

"Ahhhhhh here comes the frigid water!"

Matt & Ange with the other girls in the background.

Matt came down with his little ladies in August to hang out with the family. We took a trip to Monterey Bay. The waves were small and the water was cold but we had a blast building sand castles and knocking them over. No pics of the castles cuz yours truly was too busy building!