Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacations galore...

We just got back from several vacations. In his short 3.5 months of life, Lincoln has visited 4 states and met a significant amount of family members. In the past 2 months we have traveled to San Antonio, TX; Salinas and San Diego, CA; St. Louis, Pomme De Terre Lake, and Kansas City, MO; and Mascoutah, IL. We are exhausted from traveling and glad to be home. However, we wish we could take all the special people we visited during this trips back here to Colorado with us!

Here are some pictures of our latest trip to Missouri...

Lincoln's Great-Grandmother Lorita Middendorff (my mom's mom). It's amazing how much she reminds me of my mom. It was awesome to hang out with her for the day! She loved Lincoln.

Lincoln's Grandfather Mike Meyerkord (my dad). He's doing well. Over 4 months sober and working towards a lifetime of sobriety. He was very excited to meet "the president." haha (we didn't name him after Abraham Lincoln)

My 2nd cousin's daughter Jordyn was fascinated with Lincoln. She's a year old.

Lincoln's first Lake Pomme de Terre swim. It didn't go so well. He hates that life jacket! Understandably so!

Me and Lincoln on my Aunt and Uncle's boat. He loved it when we were going fast but fussed almost every time we stopped. The kid likes to move!

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