Thursday, January 18, 2007


we bought diapers today...not just any old throw'em away kind...oh no, we bought newborn cloth diapers. they are the cutest things (sorry, no pic). we are cloth diapering because it is healthier for the environment*, cheaper in the long-haul (kids are in diapers for 3 years, dang poopers!), and it's better for the baby (no disposable diaper chemicals). so cute! can't wait to use them!

*did you know that disposable diapers are responsible for some of the viruses that we catch. the poo juices leak out of the landfill and get into our water, etc...and make us ALL sick - gross huh!? if you think about it...the water system that flushes from our houses is equipped to take care of the poo in the water...landfills are not.


bansheewigs said...

in other countries, like russia, they potty train their kids like before 1 because diapers are super expensive for them. but i LOVE that you guys are buying cloth diapers! my mom used them on me and i turned out... um, mostly normal... well that third arm i have growing out of my back is an unknown cause -- NOT cloth diaper related!!!

David said...

i think that third arm is Josh's. ooohhhhhh!