Thursday, February 8, 2007

inspection & sewer scope

Yesterday, we had an inspection and sewer scope for the new house. There are just normal issues related to a 98 year old home. Patch roofing, change electric boxes, leaky pipes, new H2O heater and furnace...but like I said, it's to be expected.

Last evening was the sewer scope. We were not there for it but it went well. They stick a snake with a camera on the end and make sure that everything's clear to the sewer from the house to make sure we won't get any backups in the house. nasty! Speaking of nasty. Someone had apparently broken into the house in the past week and slept there. They also pooed in one of the toilets. So when the sewer scope guy came to do his job he had to remove the toilet that had been pooed in in order to get to the sewer. In doing so he became nauseated and threw up in the process! hahahahhaha! Poor guy, how embarrassing!

So now the appraiser is going out today to make sure we are paying the right amount for the loan or rather they are loaning us the right amount of money and then we wait to close! Hopefully next week if we're lucky.

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bansheewigs said...

just so everyone is clear, i have absolutely no desire to be a plumber... in fact, for the record i don't want to have anything to do with raw sewage, upchuck or republicans -- all will cause me to be extremely ill!